5 wedding gift ideas to follow this wedding season

The wedding season is knocking our doors with umpteen invitations for marriages. A wedding invitation comes with the responsibility of selecting wedding gifts. While most of the people go for usual gifts, we bring you some out of box gift suggestions to mark your presence on both the minds of bride and groom. So, let’s replace those customary show pieces, flower bouquets or cash with some unique options to serve the real needs of those newly wedded couples. All you need to do is select your gifts keeping the new age in mind.

Explore these quirky yet fun gift choices the bride and groom will absolutely love.

Surprise the couple with an uncommon piece of handicraft:


A handicraft piece can instantly bring smile on the face of the newly wedded couple. Set a budget and get affordable handicraft items to gift. Go for wooden jewelry boxes or wall hangings in order to create a royal impression. The bride can keep her ornaments in the box or adorn the wall hanging on their bedroom. Invest some extra bucks to acquire the best handicraft items.

Look for a pair of watches:


You can play smart by getting a pair of watches for both the groom and bride. A set of couple wrist watch will perfectly bring happiness to the newly wedded. A branded time piece is all that reflects one’s personality. You can explore a wide range of watches for men and women online at affordable prices. When it comes to buying watches for the newly wedded couple, go for a classic golden pair or a silver one.

Utility home appliances:


Home appliances can be useful for a newly married couple. If you are planning to gift something fundamental then opt for handy home appliances like electric kettle, hand blender or iron. These home appliances are budget and can serve great purposes. Hand out some needful home appliances as wedding gifts this season.

Classy wine glasses:


Well, a set of sophisticated wine glasses can be an unconventional gift item for a wedding. Go with the modern trends and pick some classic wine glasses to gift your beloved bride and groom. They can use these glasses in multiple ways. Whether there are guest at your place or house party, these wine glasses can be used perfectly to pour drinks. Now let those newly wedded couple flaunt those wine glasses.

Honeymoon kit for both:


The idea of stuffing essential daily use products and gifting it to the couple can make you stand apart. This is a unique way to win over the hearts of the bride and groom. Choose products that they can use on their honeymoon tour or on a regular basis. Keeping the necessity in mind, you can add beauty and personal care products in the basket for the bridegroom. You can keep a shaving kit for the groom and body lotion, moisturizer, lip balm, magazines, more for the bride. Decorate this basket with beautiful satin ribbons and gift wrapping paper to make it an exclusive gift piece.

Follow these out of the box gift ideas to mark an impression this wedding season. You can shop these above mentioned gift items online at Tredybharat.com with affordable prices.

Christmas decorations Ideas to Make this Christmas Magical

Christmas is observed as the birth celebration of Jesus Christ. The joyous event comprises gifts, decorations, feasts and prayer. And Christmas is absolutely the apt time to decorate your abode. All you need is a bundle of hassle free Christmas Decoration ideas to spruce up your place. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor decoration for your home, there are plenty of effortless ways to dress up your home. These homemade ideas can doll up your residence without pinching your pocket. Take out those waste junks from your storage room to show your creativity.

Now, check out these simple Christmas decoration DYI ideas to brighten up your home.

Embellished Door:


The front door of your house is what your guest will see first while visiting your house on the very day of Christmas. Well, you can do a lot with that white front door of your house. Explore these easy steps for a magical door.


  • Take a string of small lights and get it glued on your front door in a Christmas tree shape.
  • Assemble those red, silver, black and white Christmas balls and get them attached to the door.
  • Now, take small pieces of mirrors and glue them on the door making star patterns.
  • Put on the lights to glam up the whole creation.

Sequined Christmas Balls:


Christmas balls are required to beautify your Christmas tree. You can try your hands out in making sparkled sequined balls in order to make your Christmas tree look stand out.


  • Collect a foam or rubber balls, pins and sequins.
  • Pin up sequins all over the balls.
  • Similarly, use sequins with different colours to make as many balls as you can.
  • Lastly, attach hooked pins on these balls in order to hang them on your tree.

Christmas Pillows:


The spirit of Christmas demands you to redecorate your home furnishing as well. Then why not start with your cushions and pillows? Well, try these effortless ways to decorate your cushions. You can keep these cushions on your sofa sets or bed to get your home a Christmas look.


  • Search for those old white and red sweaters.
  • Stitch these sweaters as pillow and cushion covers.
  • Make bows or different designs with narrow stripes of sweaters keeping the colour contrasting in mind.
  • You can sew up green beads or buttons for further ornamentations.

Glitter Candles:


The much talked about Christmas decoration is incomplete without a set of dressy candles. Here are some trouble-free instructions to craft some ornate Christmas candles. You can display these candles around your living room get that festive feeling.


  • Accumulate white candles, glue, black tape and red glitters.
  • Mark a particular area you want to make glittery on each candle with black tape.
  • Apply glue on the bottom area of the candle and apply red glitter with a brush.
  • Let them get dry and remove black tapes.

Snowman Bulbs:


Decorate the outdoor space of your house with elegant lights on Christmas. You can express your creativity through decorating those simple bulbs.


  • Pick those plain white bulbs and paint them with glue.
  • Paint some silver glitter on the bulbs and attach small twigs on the both sides.
  • Furthermore, draw the face of a snowman with black and yellow nail polish.
  • Now, lit up your snowman bulbs to earn compliments from your friends and family.

Gear up for an exquisite Christmas decoration around your lace this season. Follow these homemade Christmas decoration ideas to prettify your home. You can also explore exclusive Christmas decorative pieces online at Trendybharat.com. Cherish the spirit of festivity!

Top 10 offbeat Christmas decoration ideas to brighten up your home

Your Christmas party is incomplete without an impressive decoration around your house. You can beautifully dress up your home this Christmas with exclusive decorative items such as lights, candles, lanterns, lamps, trees, garlands, bows and more. We bring you some helpful Christmas decorating ideas to adorn your house with. These simple Do it Yourself (DIY) ideas can get your home a festive touch without even pinching your pocket. Whether it’s a Christmas tree or a snowman, you can create plenty of decorative pieces with your creativity.

Here are some unique way outs for a perfect Christmas decoration.


Magazine Christmas tree:

Do you have old magazines at home with no use? Well, make use of it by slitting few pages from it. Now, fold a magazine page in a triangular shape in order to create a Christmas tree structure. Add decorative ornaments and ribbons to beautify the tree.

Attractive door hangings:

Create exclusive door hangings with those left out ribbons, decorative pieces, Christmas bells and more. You can hang these pieces at the entrance of your house to greet your guests.

String of lights:

Brighten up your house with a decorative string with full of small Christmas lights. Make a string with small piece of clothes and ribbons and attach a string of small lights to hang around your house.

Glittery candles:

Take out your old candles and tie them up with glittery ribbons. Now, light them up to decorate your house.

Red and White cushions:

Dress up all the cushions in your home with red and white covers to create a Christmas vibe in your place.

String of gift boxes:

Rummage around your place and take out those old and small gift boxes. Now, wrap them with pretty gift papers in order to create small gift boxes. Furthermore, take a thread and attach these wrapped boxes to make a string of gift boxes.

String of stockings:

Use your old and unused stockings and create a decorative string. Now, you can hang the string around your bed or fireplace.

Cranberries Jar:

Get a glass jar and put some cranberries or other fruits inside. Now, place a candle in between cranberries and light it up in order to create a festive approach.

Follow these easy DYI tricks to create a perfect Christmas Decoration at your house. Get the feel of festivity and joy this holiday season.

Designer Salwar Kameez To Adorn Your Ethnic Wardrobe

A designer salwar kameez is a wardrobe staple for every woman. It reflects Indian culture and fashion trends. When it comes to dressing up for a traditional event, nothing but a designer salwar kameez makes you look outstanding. This is the ultimate ethnic wear for women to replicate both comfort and style. Whether it’s a wedding or traditional function, a designer salwar kameez is a necessity to create appeal. This regal ethnic outfit provides you an exotic sense of style. And, with the emerging fashion trends in India, you will find various designs available in the market.


But, before buying designer salwar kameez online, you need to guide yourself with must have styles.

Majestic Anarkali:                              

An Anarkali suit complements your body type with its flared cut and regal design.

Traditional Patiala:

Patiala suits are comfortable and reflect ancient ethnic appeal of Punjab.

Elegant Palazzo Pants and Kameez:

A wide legged palazzo pants paired with a long kameez can get you ultimate relaxation and sophistication.

Exotic Churidars :

Churidar salwar suits come with narrow bottoms and a knee length kameez. This is a widely practiced style among Indian women.

Trendy Cigarette pants and kurta :

The refreshing trend of cigarette pants and long kurta has won a million hearts. This outfit adds an element of urbane grace to a woman’s persona.

Now, prepare your list of designer salwar suits to be purchased this wedding season. You can buy stunning Indian ethnic wear online at Trendybharat.com. Follow the exclusive women’s fashion online to update your ethnic closet. Get gorgeous with ethnic this season!

5 types of lehenga cholis to adorn your appearance this festive season-

Legenga cholis are one of the most beloved ethnic outfits worn by women in India. Be it a wedding or traditional event a pair of lehenga choli looks royal on a woman. This gorgeous traditional outfit encloses a striking flared skirt, an embellished blouse or choli and a rich dupatta. There are plenty of styles of lehengas available to explore online. You will find lehenga cholis with heavy intricate work, motifs, beads, zari work and lots more.

Get spoilt with choices with these startling lehenga styles.

Amazing A-cut lehengas:                 

lehenga saree online
Amazing A-cut lehenga

The name itself defines the pattern of this lehenga choli. The A-cut lehenga takes the shape of the alphabet ‘A’ starting from the waistline till hemline. These types of lehengas go best with heavy cholis with intricate work.  A woman with a pear shaped body can perfectly adorn an A- line lehenga choli set.

Fascinating flared lehengas :                                                                 

lehenga online shopping
fascinating flared lehenga

Flared lehengas are widely adorned by women in India due to their royal approach. These lehengas are circular and provide a graceful appearance with their beautiful flares. The skirt of a flared lehenga choli holds a number of pleats and less embroidery and an embellished blouse. These types of lehengas can be worn by all body types.

Royal ruffled lehengas:


bridal lehenga
Royal Ruffled lehenga

Try out a ruffled lehenga if you are in love with layers and flares. Ruffled lehengas come with several layers on the skirts and intricate work on the cholis. These sorts of lehngas can provide curves for women with rectangular silhouettes. If you are after a majestic look, go for this piece.

Mesmerizing mermaid lehengas:

lengha choli
Mermaid lehenga

A mermaid lehenga is the epitome of a contour and flare. As the name says, these types of lehengas exactly look like fish tails or mermaid tails. This lehenga is well fitted at the bottom area and flared towards the hemline. An hourglass silhouette can ideally show off a mermaid lehenga.

Sizzling straight cut lehengas:

Sizzling straight cut Lehenga

Straight cut lehengas do not have extra flares or ruffles. These lehengas complement almost all sorts of silhouettes. You will find heavy embellishments and embroiders designed on a straight fitted lehenga. And, the choli of a straight fit lehenga always come with less needlework on it. The best way to beautify this lehenga is with an elegant net dupatta.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out these stunning lehenga cholis online at Trendybharat.com to be the talk of the town. Show your love for lehengas this season!


Latest designer sunglasses for men, this season

They say, there is no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses.

Sunnies as they are popularly called by the young brigade play a pivotal role in not only protecting your eyes from hard UV rays but also gives you a classy makeover in almost no time at all. Sunglasses for men in particular kind of enhance their sophisticated and charming personality. With changing times and fashion, nothing is constant. And same goes for accessories. New and fashion forward accessories are doing the rounds nowadays, and are even making the whole world go crazy about it.

We lay down some classic timeless sunglasses that will give you perfect off duty look:

Cat eye Sunglasses 


Must say these stylish sunglasses have become a huge rage in fashion circuits with almost every who’s who of the fashion world wearing them and giving some serious fashion goals to rest of us. No matter what your attire is, these statement accessories will make you look endearing and with envious eyes. They have gained incredible popularity among all because of it’s unique pattern and design.

D frame sunglasses

Are you unconventional and experimental when it comes to style. Try on these, to take your inclination a level up. D frame sunglasses compliment those with square face. It gives them a more structure and shape to the face to reckon with. The innate class and sophistication of these D frame sunglasses is hard to ignore. They look extremely stylish and uber when adorned with T shirt and jeans. Wear your masculinity in elan with these rocking reflectors.


Fashion sunglasses for Men 2013-14 – Look like a Cop
Classic aviators hold a significant place in every men’s sunglasses collection. The suave and androgynous appeal, it brings along with it makes it a unisex and unbeatable sunglasses over the period of time. These reflectors are mostly available in conventional frames as well as mirrored, which have taken everyone by a storm. Team it up with crisp shirt and pants and be a treat to onlookers.

Keyhole round sunglasses

Want to turn nerdy with sunglasses, keyhole round sunglasses ought to be your pick. They have a vintage aura be it for beach vacation, backyard BBQ and outdoor activities whatever your itinerary for the day, these shades have got it for you. Mostly keyhole round sunglasses are best suited to be teamed up for formal and formidable look. Don’t think twice before adorning these sunglasses and braving the hard sun.

Mosaic style sunglasses

Mosaic style sunglasses are specifically designed for men with a penchant for outdoor adventure and sports. They have a specific Ultra Violet sunshade sunglasses, that allow you to follow your heart even in the hard sun. The strong and durable finish of these glasses are reliable and stylish as well. Team it up with anything from t shirt to formal wear, your style sensibilities is sure to impress one and all.

Got it, flaunt it. These stunning range of sunglasses will make you look million dollar while you put your best foot forward.


5 astounding ornaments that make a perfect present

Ornaments have the best appeal and plays a pivotal role in making your loved one feel special. There’s nothing more beautiful and high in utility than ornaments. Be it for him or her, they have an exquisite touch and regality like nothing else. These ornaments work best when teamed up with classic attire to complete the look. Apt accessories and effortless style will certainly you guarantee praise from all corners. We showcase 5 perfect ornaments to be gifted for him and her, to make your beloved feel the depth of your affection.

A perfect set of earrings for her will pamper her for rest of your live. For a woman, there is nothing as beautiful and loved as earrings. Wear them with stunning ethnic wear or Indo western wear and your all set to hit it for the night.

 A perfect bracelet is what she will love to have. With a gorgeous dress, these bracelet will be a show stealer. When wearing swaroski or solitaire, try to strike a balance. They don’t glow in too much, minimal accessories will accentuate their significance.

A perfect platinum ring for him will sweep him off his feet. In general, men don’t expect you to gift them every now and then like women, but nevertheless who doesn’t like getting pampered. If your guy isn’t much into accessories, and prefers one simple and sound then this platinum ring is what you must gift him. One smart buy is all that you need to invest in.

jr02638-ptp900_1_larA Perfect stud earrings. Gift him good solitaire studs that will make him happy and excited. The size of the stud may vary from big to small. Give him the love and affection he deserves, with this unique gifft.

A Perfect bracelet for him 
A perfect bracelet. Men are not much of a ornament lover, which goes without saying not many of them like screaming for attention sort accessories. So, better understand their nerves and gift something that will be used here and then. There are plethora of bracelets in leather, platinum, silver and gold that can be chosen from. Think no more. Shop the best and gift him a smile more than anything else.