Top Trending chino cuts of 2017


Ever wondered what are the different cuts of chinos called? If not, then this blog will surely help you out. The cuts are mostly the same as in men’s jeans just the appearance of chinos are slightly different than the former. These cuts give you ample of options to explore and choose from which you can try out with different outfits as chinos are quite versatile in nature. Before you buy chinos for men online, check out these trending chino cut styles of 2017:

Straight cut chinos:

These chino types have a uniform length right from the waist to the ankle area. This is a very basic form of chinos which are neither too thick nor too thin. Popular mostly through the 90s, the chinos are meant for those who like to dress simple. This classic style does not have too much flare nor is too tapered at the bottoms giving your feet enough space to slide in without any uneasiness. To keep the mood simple, a simple cotton t-shirt is perfect to pair it up with the straight cut jeans.

Slim fit chinos:

Slim fit chinos can alternatively be called ‘smart fit’ chinos for men. They are not baggy and are smartly tapered throughout to take the shape of your legs. The smart chinos usually are straight through the hip with slimmer thighs and leaner leg openings. Do not confuse them with skinny chinos as it’s not the body hugging ones you see people wearing. Be confident in your slim fit chinos and try to wear contrasting coloured shirts with the outfit.

Skinny chinos:

Skinny are the narrowest forms of chinos. It’s recommended that those who have heavier thighs do not invest in this type since it will make you look grim rather than cool and also too tight clothing may invite unwanted health issues. But if you are convinced that skinny chinos are your type and you will look upbeat in that outfit then surely go for it. They have a lot of flare at the end giving your feet enough space and a bit of air. To look cool in the skinny chinos follow the grunge style where you wear faded skinny chinos and rockstar jacket along.

Relaxed fit or loose chinos:

These chinos are spacious and baggy and exactly the opposite of skinny chinos. They are roomier in size and have spacious bottoms and hip areas. If you want a sloppy, hipster look than this type of chinos is perfect for you. People who have heavier bottoms will feel comfortable in this pant cut. To style it, wear a loose t-shirt or an oversized (not too much) t-shirt that will complement your chino styles.

Flare chinos:

Flare chinos or bell bottoms as you can call it, started gaining popularity during the 60s and was at its peak during the 70s and 80s. It is quite normal and uniform in the thigh area and widens till it’s very much opened at the boot area having big round flares. If you’re into retro fashion then this style of chinos is something you should go for immediately. Stylish white sneakers are perfect choices for footwear with chinos. A stylish Elvis jacket is perfect with flare chinos as you can rock your image with style.

Bootcut chinos:

The exact opposite of the flare chinos are the bootcut jeans. Being constant till the thigh area, it narrows down to the ankle giving it a precise shape which is loved by fashionistas. Bootcuts are perfect for someone with a medium/average built. They make you look slimmer and also provide a relaxing effect to your body. A stylish shirt or a cool t-shirt with a quote are perfect with the chino type to make a rocking fashionable pair.

These 6 trending styles of chinos cuts of 2017 is something you should look forward to and make your pick. An important tip I would like to share a thing about the chino rise. There were generally 3 main ‘Rise’ styles earlier with a fourth one recently added, viz.

  • High rise– Great choice for taller guys, it is the longest from the crotch area to the waist.
  • Mid rise– For those who love to tuck their shirts in. It has a comparatively shorter length from the crotch to the waist area.
  • Low rise– Go casual with the low rise jeans. The length from the crotch to the waist area is the lowest and is recommended for those who do not like to tuck in their shirts at all.
  • Low crotch– The ‘hippie low-waisters’. One of the most sought after styles these days. It does have a considerable length from the crotch to the hip but is worn lower than the average length.
    Follow these trends and carry your style with flamboyance.

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