Top 5 Christmas Decoration ideas to deck up your home this season

Christmas is the special time of the year when you decorate your house to get into the mood of festivity. When it comes to Christmas decoration, you need to play smart in order to get your house a striking decoration. The joyous occasion of Jesus Christ’s birth celebration turns your house into a magical place with splendid adornment. All you need to know is how to beautify your house without pinching your pocket. You can strive for hassle free Christmas diy decoration ideas in order to show your creativity.

Let’s explore these easy DIY Christmas decorating ideas to revamp your house.

Floating candle in cranberry wine glass:


Cranberries are colorful and turn on the mood of festivity. When it comes to Christmas decoration, you can never go wrong with cranberries. All you need to do is take a wine glass and put some cranberries and green leaves into it. Furthermore, pour some water in the glass and float a candle. You can place this glass on a desk or center table in the living room. If you are after a quick and hassle free Christmas DIY (Do it yourself), then this wine glass is just the right one for you.

Cushion Christmas tree:


Use your pretty cushions this holiday season to customize a unique Christmas tree. First of all, you need to collect different sizes of cushions in order to make a tree. Now, place a stool chair in your living room and set cushions accordingly. Put the largest cushion initially and make a shape of pyramid by placing cushions accordingly.

Vibrant Christmas wreath:


The Christmas wreath is one of the essential elements to deck up your house on the very day of Christmas. You can easily make a wreath this festive season using your creativity. To begin with, take a string and fold it in a round shape. Now, take small pieces of fabrics in Christmas colours including red, green, white and golden. Next, attach these pieces around the string one by one to make a circle.

Christmas ornament:


Adorable Christmas ornaments are there to beautify your Christmas tree or decorate your resident with. There is no better way than making it on your own using simple ways. You can make a pearl studded Christmas ball to hang on your tree or on the entrance door. Start with collecting pearl beads, Christmas ball, glue and a string. Glue different sizes of beads onto the ball and attach a string with the ball. Furthermore, tie up a bow on the string and hang it on the Christmas tree or your front door.

DIY Christmas door:


Decorating the front door of your house can certainly adorn your house on the day of Christmas. The easiest way to decorate your door for the Christmas is through creating a snowman on the front door using paint colors. Pick black and pink paints and draw a snowman pattern on your front door to ensure a warm welcome to your guests. You can glue up a pink ribbon on the door as well in order to render a muffler around the snowman’s neck.

Make this Christmas a joyful affair with these hassle free Christmas decoration ideas.


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