Christmas decorations Ideas to Make this Christmas Magical

Christmas is observed as the birth celebration of Jesus Christ. The joyous event comprises gifts, decorations, feasts and prayer. And Christmas is absolutely the apt time to decorate your abode. All you need is a bundle of hassle free Christmas Decoration ideas to spruce up your place. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor decoration for your home, there are plenty of effortless ways to dress up your home. These homemade ideas can doll up your residence without pinching your pocket. Take out those waste junks from your storage room to show your creativity.

Now, check out these simple Christmas decoration DYI ideas to brighten up your home.

Embellished Door:


The front door of your house is what your guest will see first while visiting your house on the very day of Christmas. Well, you can do a lot with that white front door of your house. Explore these easy steps for a magical door.


  • Take a string of small lights and get it glued on your front door in a Christmas tree shape.
  • Assemble those red, silver, black and white Christmas balls and get them attached to the door.
  • Now, take small pieces of mirrors and glue them on the door making star patterns.
  • Put on the lights to glam up the whole creation.

Sequined Christmas Balls:


Christmas balls are required to beautify your Christmas tree. You can try your hands out in making sparkled sequined balls in order to make your Christmas tree look stand out.


  • Collect a foam or rubber balls, pins and sequins.
  • Pin up sequins all over the balls.
  • Similarly, use sequins with different colours to make as many balls as you can.
  • Lastly, attach hooked pins on these balls in order to hang them on your tree.

Christmas Pillows:


The spirit of Christmas demands you to redecorate your home furnishing as well. Then why not start with your cushions and pillows? Well, try these effortless ways to decorate your cushions. You can keep these cushions on your sofa sets or bed to get your home a Christmas look.


  • Search for those old white and red sweaters.
  • Stitch these sweaters as pillow and cushion covers.
  • Make bows or different designs with narrow stripes of sweaters keeping the colour contrasting in mind.
  • You can sew up green beads or buttons for further ornamentations.

Glitter Candles:


The much talked about Christmas decoration is incomplete without a set of dressy candles. Here are some trouble-free instructions to craft some ornate Christmas candles. You can display these candles around your living room get that festive feeling.


  • Accumulate white candles, glue, black tape and red glitters.
  • Mark a particular area you want to make glittery on each candle with black tape.
  • Apply glue on the bottom area of the candle and apply red glitter with a brush.
  • Let them get dry and remove black tapes.

Snowman Bulbs:


Decorate the outdoor space of your house with elegant lights on Christmas. You can express your creativity through decorating those simple bulbs.


  • Pick those plain white bulbs and paint them with glue.
  • Paint some silver glitter on the bulbs and attach small twigs on the both sides.
  • Furthermore, draw the face of a snowman with black and yellow nail polish.
  • Now, lit up your snowman bulbs to earn compliments from your friends and family.

Gear up for an exquisite Christmas decoration around your lace this season. Follow these homemade Christmas decoration ideas to prettify your home. You can also explore exclusive Christmas decorative pieces online at Cherish the spirit of festivity!


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