Top 10 offbeat Christmas decoration ideas to brighten up your home

Your Christmas party is incomplete without an impressive decoration around your house. You can beautifully dress up your home this Christmas with exclusive decorative items such as lights, candles, lanterns, lamps, trees, garlands, bows and more. We bring you some helpful Christmas decorating ideas to adorn your house with. These simple Do it Yourself (DIY) ideas can get your home a festive touch without even pinching your pocket. Whether it’s a Christmas tree or a snowman, you can create plenty of decorative pieces with your creativity.

Here are some unique way outs for a perfect Christmas decoration.


Magazine Christmas tree:

Do you have old magazines at home with no use? Well, make use of it by slitting few pages from it. Now, fold a magazine page in a triangular shape in order to create a Christmas tree structure. Add decorative ornaments and ribbons to beautify the tree.

Attractive door hangings:

Create exclusive door hangings with those left out ribbons, decorative pieces, Christmas bells and more. You can hang these pieces at the entrance of your house to greet your guests.

String of lights:

Brighten up your house with a decorative string with full of small Christmas lights. Make a string with small piece of clothes and ribbons and attach a string of small lights to hang around your house.

Glittery candles:

Take out your old candles and tie them up with glittery ribbons. Now, light them up to decorate your house.

Red and White cushions:

Dress up all the cushions in your home with red and white covers to create a Christmas vibe in your place.

String of gift boxes:

Rummage around your place and take out those old and small gift boxes. Now, wrap them with pretty gift papers in order to create small gift boxes. Furthermore, take a thread and attach these wrapped boxes to make a string of gift boxes.

String of stockings:

Use your old and unused stockings and create a decorative string. Now, you can hang the string around your bed or fireplace.

Cranberries Jar:

Get a glass jar and put some cranberries or other fruits inside. Now, place a candle in between cranberries and light it up in order to create a festive approach.

Follow these easy DYI tricks to create a perfect Christmas Decoration at your house. Get the feel of festivity and joy this holiday season.


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