Latest designer sunglasses for men, this season

They say, there is no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses.

Sunnies as they are popularly called by the young brigade play a pivotal role in not only protecting your eyes from hard UV rays but also gives you a classy makeover in almost no time at all. Sunglasses for men in particular kind of enhance their sophisticated and charming personality. With changing times and fashion, nothing is constant. And same goes for accessories. New and fashion forward accessories are doing the rounds nowadays, and are even making the whole world go crazy about it.

We lay down some classic timeless sunglasses that will give you perfect off duty look:

Cat eye Sunglasses 


Must say these stylish sunglasses have become a huge rage in fashion circuits with almost every who’s who of the fashion world wearing them and giving some serious fashion goals to rest of us. No matter what your attire is, these statement accessories will make you look endearing and with envious eyes. They have gained incredible popularity among all because of it’s unique pattern and design.

D frame sunglasses

Are you unconventional and experimental when it comes to style. Try on these, to take your inclination a level up. D frame sunglasses compliment those with square face. It gives them a more structure and shape to the face to reckon with. The innate class and sophistication of these D frame sunglasses is hard to ignore. They look extremely stylish and uber when adorned with T shirt and jeans. Wear your masculinity in elan with these rocking reflectors.


Fashion sunglasses for Men 2013-14 – Look like a Cop
Classic aviators hold a significant place in every men’s sunglasses collection. The suave and androgynous appeal, it brings along with it makes it a unisex and unbeatable sunglasses over the period of time. These reflectors are mostly available in conventional frames as well as mirrored, which have taken everyone by a storm. Team it up with crisp shirt and pants and be a treat to onlookers.

Keyhole round sunglasses

Want to turn nerdy with sunglasses, keyhole round sunglasses ought to be your pick. They have a vintage aura be it for beach vacation, backyard BBQ and outdoor activities whatever your itinerary for the day, these shades have got it for you. Mostly keyhole round sunglasses are best suited to be teamed up for formal and formidable look. Don’t think twice before adorning these sunglasses and braving the hard sun.

Mosaic style sunglasses

Mosaic style sunglasses are specifically designed for men with a penchant for outdoor adventure and sports. They have a specific Ultra Violet sunshade sunglasses, that allow you to follow your heart even in the hard sun. The strong and durable finish of these glasses are reliable and stylish as well. Team it up with anything from t shirt to formal wear, your style sensibilities is sure to impress one and all.

Got it, flaunt it. These stunning range of sunglasses will make you look million dollar while you put your best foot forward.


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