5 makeup tricks to accomplish attractive fuller lips:

Women’s obsession with fuller and bigger lips is evergreen. The modern fashion trends have paved the way for some natural makeup hacks to achieve perfectly filled lips. Whether you are going to apply a classy nude shade or you want to turn heads with glossy lips, a pair of fuller lips will absolutely stand out any shade or colour. But it is not always necessary to go for a painful cosmetic surgery or contraption when you have natural ways to make your lips look pumped. You can instantly turn your thin lips into fuller ones using some trouble free makeup tricks.

Follow these simple makeup ideas to ensure plump lips.

Cover up your lips with foundation or concealer:

Well, applying a bit of foundation or concealer is crucial in order to highlight your lips. Draw a light line around your lips with a concealer which will work as a basic coverage for your lipstick. This way you can also brighten the lip line and make it appear voluminous.


Underline with a lip liner:

The next step is underlining the lips with a sharp lip liner. Start underlining the lower lip first to create accurate lines. You have to be very careful while underlining your lips with the lip liner. Make sure you draw perfect lines to define your lips with great shapes.


Try on Nude lipstick:

Pick a nude shade lipstick which is lighter than your natural lip colour. Now, paint your lips with the nude shade to create make your lips look bigger. You can apply nude lip gloss in the center of your lips as well in order to add shine.


Play with shades:

Another way to highlight your lips is through applying a dark lip shade around the lips leaving the middle parts. Furthermore, take a lighter version of the same lip colour and apply it to the middle parts of your lips. Blend it perfectly to make your lips plumper.


Use highlighter:

Last but not the least you can try a light coloured lip crayon to highlight the middle parts of your lips. Now, blend it properly with the corners of your lips to give it a natural look. This way your lips will appear plumper, defined and attractive. It will also help your lips to look pouty.


Hope these instant lip makeup tricks make you successful to accomplish a pair of desirable, attractive and sensuous. Get ready to show off those luscious lips!



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