5 out of the box ways to wear a maxi skirt

We cannot deny that a maxi skirt is one of the most comfortable wardrobe staples for every woman. The classic style statement of a maxi skirt makes it a perfect piece of clothing for almost every season. On top of that, you can pull off a maxi skirt in versatile ways which brings out the fashionista in you. There are plenty of styles in maxi skirts available to adorn you with offbeat looks. This timeless beauty has taken over the modern fashion industry with its vintage, conventional and chic statements. Be it a pleated, floral or A-line maxi skirt, you can always get a funky and innovative look wearing a maxi skirt.

Read on to get some cool ideas to style up maxi skirts.

Pair up a shirt with an A-line maxi skirt for a polished look:

If you are thinking of getting an edgy and sophisticated look, then wear a classic button down shirt on top of an A-line maxi skirt. The fitted waistline and flowing hemline of this maxi skirt look remarkably urbane when you pair it up with a stylish shirt. Put on a statement neck piece to complement the look.

Crop top with a flared maxi skirt for an elegant appeal:

Well, the ideal combination of a flared maxi skirt and crop top will make you look elegant yet sassy. Wear a high waist maxi skirt to show off a patch of your skin. Choosing a classic black crop top is the safest way to accomplish a drop dead gorgeous look.

Vintage maxi skirt with a corset top for a trendy appearance:

Go for a feminine look with this vintage maxi skirt and a classic corset top. This stylish and graceful blend can make you appear noticeable in a crowd. Opt for minimal accessories and a matching pair of sandals to add vigor in your appearance.

Casual side slit maxi skirt with a boxy top for a chic look:

A side slit maxi skirt made with soft fabric can be paired with a casual boxy top to facilitate a relaxed manifestation. This is an apposite look to head for a casual day out or shopping with friends. This combo of an airy boxy top and a flexible maxi skirt leaves you comfortable all day long.

Floral maxi skirt with a tank top for a graceful look:

This floral maxi skirt with a simple tank top can give you a touch of grace, elegance and sophistication. You can perfectly achieve a soothing appearance with this look. Pair up an elegant pendant to exhibit a charming persona.

Follow these trouble-free ideas to create your own styles with maxi skirts. Let your passion for maxi skirts get a new direction. Keep calm and show off your love for maxi skirts.


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