Check out these 5 retro fashion trends from the movie Rustom:

Retro fashion has its own charm. Since the bygone eras, retro fashion is one such trend which can never go out of fashion. The evergreen retro looks involve the element of class, gracefulness and sophistication. The most awaited film ‘Rustom’ has showcased some alluring vintage fashion trends. Illeana D’Cruz has gracefully showcased some retro clothing such as off the shoulder dresses, evening gowns, chiffon sarees in pastel shades, Peplum tops and the much loved bodycon dresses, etc. Akshay Kumar’s high waist pants are significant in this film. Now, get some vintage inspirations from this film in order to revamp your retro collection.


Take a look over these retro looks to appear drop dead gorgeous.

The ideal inspiration: Off shoulder dresses:

The sudden presence of the off shoulder dresses in today’s fashion industry is remarkable. An off shoulder dress is all that makes you look bold and beautiful with its vintage elegance. Illeana D’Cruz is looking absolutely stunning in this black off shoulder dress. This timepiece is inspired from the 50’s fashion.

The sensuous evening gowns:

Those flowing evening gowns for women can never go out of the retro fashion. A graceful gown can instantly transform the appearance of a lady. Here, Illeana’s white gown is giving her a touch of sheer elegance blended with a feminine aspect. The fine flares are adding a grace to her look.

The elegant chiffon sarees:

A charming chiffon saree can add a striking retro element in your look. When you will look back to the 60’s, you will find a lot of vintage chiffon sarees in pastel shades as wardrobe staples for most of the women. Here, Illeana is looking a complete fashionista wearing this lemon yellow and pink chiffon saree. The stunning sleeveless pink blouse is an additional element to jazz up the look.

The sizzling bodycon dresses:

Bodycons are the ultimate element to bring out a bold and alluring appearance. It perfectly flatters your beautiful silhouette. Esha Gupta is appearing absolutely drop dead gorgeous pulling off this Grey and Pink bodycon dress. The well fitted design of a bodycon dress perfectly complementing her attractive curves.

Classic high waist pants for men:

The classic men’s high waist pants are one of the greatest attractions in the film ‘Rustom’. Akshay Kumar has skillfully portrays the 50’s gentleman look with utmost perfection. The style of high waist pants for men was a remarkable trend in the 60’s and 70’s. This beige coloured high waist pants are perfectly complements Akshay’s vintage look.

Well, these vintage fashion trends are evergreen and bring out a flashback of the 50’s fashion trends. You can seize some serious style notes from these trends to facilitate a retro appearance.


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