5 office shoes to match with jeans

Most of the shoes which the masses wear to the office are formals. Since offices are not the best place to showcase your fashion skills, you normally see people being redundant in their dressing styles and outfits. You’ll see that people are wearing the same old-skool black shoes which look quite dull at times and wearing the same prehistoric trousers or bell-bottom jeans considering it as one’s ultimate fashion statement. Many of us knowingly/unknowingly follow the same routine.

Since its inception jeans have always been the most versatile piece of clothing ever to be invented by man, for man. It is a good thing if you’re wearing jeans to your respective offices, but it will be way better if matched with the right shoes.

Change is necessary, change is constant so why not bring some to your life? Presenting office shoes that you need to sport with your jeans to look incredibly smart


brogues shoes

Known for their sleek shape and stylish patterns, brogues are one of the classiest pieces of leather footwear you need to match with your jeans. The glossy shine of brogues when matched with jeans always takes you a level up wherever you go.


Derby shoes

Derbies and jeans- what a fine combination of casuals and formals to wear! The derby marks your gentleman image and when combined with jeans, you instantly get the debonair look.


Oxfords shoes for men

Oxfords definitely the type of shoes you need for the complete formal look. Wear a suit and jeans and complete it with a pair of oxfords to see yourself as the most dashing person in the crowd.

Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are like the typical formal slip-on shoes which have a diamond shaped cut out which might look like totally formal shoes that go well only with trousers but that’s more like an on old myth which needs to be forgotten. We say, try it with jeans, and those jeans which have a bit of flare at the bottoms. This type of loafers is totally legit even as casual wears and will definitely glam up your personality.


Monkstraps shoes

Monkstraps have always managed to grab attention. Many love them, at the same time despise the only thought of having a buckle or two on their feet, but if you think that it is fine having your shoes buckled then we say it will be an absolutely perfect choice for you. Pair it up with jeans to look more ravishing.

Matching the right pair of shoes with jeans is an art, and we believe that with a bit of knowledge and patience put together, every man can successfully achieve it. These were the best 5 office shoes that will definitely do brilliant with jeans. Not only at offices but will work at any gatherings, parties or simply walking down the road.


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