Business casuals types for men to get the perfect informal office look

Casuals are being welcomed in offices increasingly nowadays. Does your office allow you the same? You obviously think wearing casuals are way more cooler and comfortable than being all suited up or being in the complete formal attire. Casuals give you more confidence than being in formal clothes, right? But any sort of casuals won’t be accepted in the office premises as every firm has a code of conduct. Are you aware of the term ‘business casuals’? Of course you must be knowing what it means, but for those who are oblivious of the term it simply means wearing the right combination of casuals to your offices. Now what all does business casuals comprise of? Scroll down to seek for options:



formal shirts for men

You enter the office and people notice the shirt you are wearing, some may even compliment you for your style. It’s all about experimentation. A simple plain cotton shirt or a striped/chequered shirt will do the trick. Fold your cuffs upto arm length to look more attractive than ever. Try out polo or golf t-shirts to look macho.


fomal Pants for men

The combination of shirts and pants is something that everyone looks forward to. Now what all pants can you wear as business casuals. Trousers can we worn with both formal and informal outfits, but still if you think trousers are becoming more formal for you, then you can go for cargos or khakis. If you’re comfortable with jeans then wear it without any inhibitions. Wearing slim-fit jeans to offices have become a common trend nowadays, so wear it as you like.


formal shoes for men

A good pair of shoes has the potential to earn you enough compliments from your colleagues. Wearing moccasins and loafers in offices has become the latest fad in town. You can also give it a try for brogues. But what you should avoid is to go all matchy, matchy. The colour of your shoes shouldn’t match with your pants, or else it’ll be a fashion blunder. For example, if you’re wearing black trousers then go for brown brogues or monk straps.

Many high profile CEOs have popularized the business casual culture among young office goers. Indian born Google CEO Sundar Pichai is well known name for his office friendly attires.

So happily sport a denim jeans or Pink Floyd t-shirt in your office and carry your style wherever you go. Although most firms have a moral code of conduct for dresses, hope you do not cross it but it shouldn’t stop you from wearing your favourite business casuals to your office. Get set, look good.


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