5 different wallet types, every man should carry along

A wallet is a man’s intimate accessory. Unlike women who carry heavy bulky bags for their belongings, men believe in carrying the world in their wallets. Each man has a wallet of his own. Wallets are perfect stitches of leather and that’s what beholds a man’s attraction. Men usually carry wallets which carry wallets with limited storing capacity where stuffing money, coins, cash, cards, bills, etc become difficult.

Below are the 5 types which should’ve a place in your pants’, jacket’s or coat’s pocket


Tri-fold wallets


Thr trifold wallet is a wallet with an extra fold. In comparison to the bi-fold wallets, it is bigger and can store much more than the latter.


Card holder wallets


This type is exclusively designed to store cards only. Credit/Debit cards, bills, IDs, membership cards, etc all can be stored perfectly in this wallet type.


Checkbook Wallets


A checkbook wallet is a versatile wallet which because of its shape and size can store cash, cards and pens.


Clutch Wallets


Clutch wallets for men are quite big in size and can be a storehouse for all your essentials like cash, cards, phones, IDs, etc.


Bi-fold wallets


The classic wallet type which you normally find among most men. If you like to carry less bulk with yourself i.e., simply cash and cards, it’ll be the perfect choice for you.

These were the 5 distinct wallet types which you should keep with yourself and if you’re a wallet aficionado, you’ll definitely be eager to know what other qualities they possess.


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