International Women Day 2016: Celebrating the Superwomen of today


Three Cheers to the most beautiful creation of god- Women! Happy Women day to all the ladies out here!


8th March is marked as International Women’s Day, the day we adore the secreted queens in us. The new age women are known for their individualistic style sense and fearlessness attitude. They’re not bound with old school thoughts. They now turned as fashionistas, few are geeks too, there are the avid travelers and there are bohemians too. So why not celebrating the different personalities of Women!?


Whatsoever personality you carry, girl – you are loved as you are 🙂


1.      Bollywood Buff ‘She’

Bollywood Collection

She is a big time Bollywood freak and keeps an eagle eye on b-town news.


2.     Trendsetter ‘She’

western Fashion

She is the ultimate fashionista and known for her unique style statement.


3.     Desi ‘She’

ethnic wear

She has deep love for the desi silhouettes. ‘A woman looks best in the ethnic avatar’- is what she believes.



4.     Artsy ‘She’

creative things

She is creative and you can find her constantly doing experiments with painting, writing, DIYs or fun with prints.


5.     Techie ‘She’

latest technology and gadgets

She is keen about latest technology and gadgets.


6.   Avid  Traveller ‘She’

travel stories

Talk to her anytime, she has travel stories to share and a trip planned for the upcoming month.


7.     Fitness Enthusiast‘She’

fitness equipment

She is pretty-conscious about her body, gets time to be in shape – does yoga or hits the gym.


You may possibly fit into any of these or maybe you have a little bit of everything in you. The best part is, you carry an awesome and stronger persona. So, all the ladies-Pamper yourself this women day and shop till you drop from

Cheers Ladies!



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