Kashmir : A Heaven on Earth, But Do You Know Why


Jannat, yahin hai, yahin hai, yahin hai (echoing)

Yes it’s true. Kashmir is Heaven on Earth.

But do you know why is it called so?
Why is the valley of Kashmir so enchanting and mystical?
Let’s find out.
Fascinating Demographics

Kashmir is the valley that ranges from The Great Himalayas to the mountain ranges of Pir Panjal. The land is full of sparkling rivers, burbling waterfalls, sleepy lakes and lush gardens. It has numerous places where one can find intense serenity and true beauty of Mother Nature in the form of enchanting valleys, meadows, pine trees, fruits and snow!

Presenting before you some refreshing facts about Kashmir.


  • God’s Orchard – Srinagar

Full of lush greenery and beautiful lakes, Srinagar, the largest city in Kashmir is simply extravagant. To be precise, Srinagar is well known for its mesmerizing lakes, gardens and monuments. The Wular Lake, the famous Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens, Avantipura, are some listed tourist attractions, bound to freeze your eye balls in awe.

The gardens of Srinagar have several famous Persian carvings, giving them a regal look. If you are longing for royal treats in limited budget, you can wander away from your 5 star dreams to stay under 5 billion stars.

Nature has bestowed its blessing on this beautiful land and you can witness it by the surreal divinity of miraculous Kashmir.

  • Into the Wild

Yes, we all are aware of the fact that Jammu & Kashmir is graced with a lush Flora and Fauna, forests which serve as an integral abode for some of the rarest species who like to remain undisturbed.
But did you know that some endangered species like Snow Leopards and Kashmiri Stag are the indigenous assets of the World, only found in Kashmir!


Especially, for the people who love nature and wildlife, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve serves as a cherry on the cake for them. You can watch the most jaw-dropping beauty of Hemis Park at Leh, and the very exciting Kishtwar Park at Jammu, as these are the famous high altitude wildlife parks.

And you need not be a naturalist to love paradise!


  • The King Of Mountain

Kashmir is a state of many wonders.

Various mountains nestle in the beautiful land of Kashmir and the most prominent mountain of this valley is K2 (also known as Mount Godwin Austen).


Ranked as the 2nd highest mountain in the world, the mountain has the height of almost 8611 meters. For trekkers and adventure lovers, the range presents them widest routes to travel.

So, you want unfold some hidden facts or planning for a tour!?


  • A Boon To Shopaholics


The state of Jammu and Kashmir offers globe trotters a rich collection of handicraft and handloom items. These exotic products are generally produced from “Kutir Udyog” or “Cottage Industry”. The land is a valley of some indigenous goods which are famous across the seas, such as, Paper machete and other delicate designs, product of the handloom and handicraft industries which drag the attention of every single visitor who visits there.


The exclusive Jammu & Kashmir products impart a huge role to earn large revenues from the State Government and are highly appreciated all over the world.

If you are shopaholic and have been ordered to bring something from Jammu, you can land on shopping areas like, Vir Marg, Raghunath Bazaar and Hari Market to collect various indigenous products. In Srinagar, you can pay a call on Lal Chowk and Badshah Chowk, which are known as the best shopping places in town. Ladakh has Tibetan and the Moti market, as well to call few paper mache products.

Already made your shopping list!?

Oh! You are a naturalist.

Then the next pointer will definitely fascinate you.


  • A Natural Abode – House Boats


Along with serene beauty of Kashmir, there are noticeable floating houses – house boats. They offer almost all the luxuries of a hotel. Tourists can view a large number of house boats parked along the Dal Lake, Nagin Lake and Jhelum River.

Usually made of Cedar wood, these houseboats include a dining room, lounge, pantry, three or more bedrooms (with attached bathrooms) and even a balcony.

So you will never know of the fact that you are long away from your cosy home.


You may feel wonder to know that the house-boats are beautifully furnished with carved furniture, exquisite Kashmiri rugs and fabrics.

Interestingly, the houseboats have been categorized depending upon the degree of luxury conceded by them. By the Department of Tourism, the houseboats are classified into Deluxe, A-class, B-class, C-class and D-class categories.

So next time when you come to Jammu & Kashmir be prepared to get an anti-stress treatment.

Loads of amazement all in five pointers….Too much in zero time!

Well, this is the specialty of our Bharat- a vast culture in single pot!

And Trendybharat truly salutes the true nature of India of being a Black Hole, engulfing colourful cultures and traditions and merging to show oneness.


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