5 Trendy December Festivals from India that you may not be aware of

With such a blast of emotions and cultures, India celebrates in numerous festivals.
I am sure you are aware of that!
But are you aware of some of the most quirky festivals from India being celebrated in the most naturalistic regions within this incredible nation of ours.

Trendy December

Well, this article will definitely lead you to the path where you will unfold some hidden facts about India and long forgotten rich conscience…



It is needless to describe the thrill of flying and screaming with sheer delight. You might be wondering that for the same you might need a VISA or Passport and many other huddles to cross seas and then cherish the pun intending festival in some Western nation!?

But the answer is Nope !
To your surprise, Balloon fiesta is lavishly celebrated here In India.

Thanks to Karnataka Government which nurtures young enthusiasts to participate in adventurous celebrations.

trendy image1

FYI, this is a four days long event which is held at three different cities of Karnataka: Hampi, Mysore and Bidar. Largely visited showcasing active participation from the people of India and overseas who have a thirst to taste fear and satisfaction all at the same time, Balloon Festival is the event you must not miss out!

Fly here to witness this famous aero sport in India. The grandness can be imagined as it has been organized in different areas to ease off disturbing issues.


Are you Acrophobic?

If so, then perhaps Balloon Fiesta is a great No-No for you, right ?

Well, in that case, try something unorthodox yet classic before Winter melts away!
If you have a jest for music, be it any genre, you are at the right place.  Each year, on the last week of December, this phenomenal Electronic Dance Music Festival is held at Candolim beach of Goa, India. This event is a king size feast to the aesthetic lovers, whether it may be music, nature, dance or food for that matter.

trendy image2


Things are really simplified at Sunburn and thus a mass load of people attend this mesmerizing event every year. Sunburn Music Festival has been tagged as 9th best music festival in the world and you might feel delighted to hear that Goa’s best place for a musical treat.

Perhaps you’re time has come to visit Sunburn.
Perhaps it’s time for you to plan something amazing to make this Sunburn visit even more special unlike ever..



If you have eyes that capture traditionalism to feed your passion, then this bullet might interest you more! Everyone knows that Odisha is a place where culture and traditions have deep beliefs. Our third interesting festival comes from the same land .

Konark Dance & Music Festival in Odisha reflects the contemporary festival scene of Odisha and was initiated as a pilot in the year 1986, but the true joyousness has begun lately. Now, the fest is being celebrated from 19th to 23rd February every year. The goal of this fest is to inculcate true artists while encouraging the creation of an International cultural accord and brotherhood.


trendy images4

With a sense of self establishment, the festival invites eminent artists of National and International reputes to participate and perform Odissi, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniattam and other classical, folk and tribal dances of India . Music is another great attraction of this festival.

With such sensitive vibrations, the stage of the Natyashala in the monumental Sun Temple of Konark, the environment is filled with aesthetical ambience.



India is a wonder land where not only human beings celebrate their prosperity, but every other specie contributes to its rich and diversified cultural retrospect .In the lap of Kerala, where God himself resides (as its tagline and beauty quotes), Cochin is the place where this Mega Festival is organized from years.



Grown up with the revelry of Portuguese New Year, this festival exclusively dominates the last ten days of December.

The festival is generally celebrated at Fort Kochi which is decked up like a new moon bride.
Tourists come to witness this grand wonder from across the globe. A massive procession of caparisoned elephants and lots of games power this beautiful festival.



All these hot cooked stuffs will definitely pinch your brain; “Do you really think that you have explored a lot!? Keep thinking!



As colorful as the name states, Hornbill Festival is a culture fest which respects inter-tribal communication and fervor. Name after Hornbill, one of the most colorful and large bird  nestled amidst the lush of tropical forests, this event is thought to be highly essential to celebrate by every member of the tribe or society.


Hornbill Festival provides a kaleidoscopic view of various forms of art such as folk dance, music, craft, parades, games, sports, food fairs and religious ceremonies. The land’s true art forms are being displayed during the last week of December.


Stated above were some hidden facts of festivals with an immensely strong aesthetic appeal.
Stay tuned for more of such interesting articles about our very own “Bharat” only @TrendyBharat.


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